Surprising Secrets Netflix Kept About Married Blind

Marriage Is Blind proved to be a huge success for Netflix, garnering a strong audience. However, there are details that fans probably don’t know about this show.

In Marriage Blind, participants must choose their partners blindly. Already engaged, they need to face the challenges of coexistence and get to know each other better before the big day.

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Keep reading to check out a list of the fun facts that Netflix didn’t tell you about Blind Wedding.

How it works

The Blind Wedding recordings begin with 15 men and 15 women. For the first few weeks, the cast lives on set, divided by gender. Everyone then goes through a series of conversations in the pods that last no longer than 10 minutes. Each person begins to restrict who they want to continue talking to and who they don’t, and pairs who connect end up spending a lot of time together.

Once marriage is proposed, couples can meet face to face for the first time. Each season, six couples who get engaged are followed on the show.

Producers do not interfere with conversations in pods

Producers cannot interfere with conversations in pods. This is a very important part of Blind Wedding, so it’s essential that it happens naturally.

They can’t give advice or anything like that. This would disrupt the progress of the program.

If you don’t get engaged, it’s over

If you don’t get engaged on Wedding Blind, the show is over for you. Contestants who fail to quickly advance to the “next stage” are cut.

That’s because Match Is Blind focuses specifically on couples who connect quickly. There is no room for curling.

Some couples get engaged and still get cut

We commented in the previous item that those who do not manage to get engaged in Casamento das Cegas end up being cut from the program. But it turns out that some couples who get engaged can also be cut off.

It’s nothing personal, though. It just so happens that sometimes there isn’t room for all the couples, so some cuts have to be made, seemingly at random (or so they say).

Cast members can order specific snacks

The production team is on hand to take care of all kinds of special requests from the cast. Especially when it comes to snacks.

Food and drink are not a problem at Wedding Blind. Everything to make the participants feel at ease.

Some cast members feel connected for life

One thing in Blind Wedding surprised the producers: the formation of friendships on the show. Obviously, the focus is on pairing, but some cast members have become great friends — and remain so.

It’s a kind of connection that can also last a lifetime. In fact, it could be argued that Matching Blind was more successful in spawning friends than couples.

Does appearance really matter?

Blind Wedding tries to propagate the idea that looks don’t matter. However, some viewers believe that there is a contradiction in this, as all participants are conventionally attractive people.

Many point out that Blind Wedding would be more interesting if it had a more diverse cast. This is the main criticism the program receives.

Is love really blind?

Not all couples work out in Wedding Blind. Despite the idea of ​​picking someone based on everything you’ve discovered, it’s really impossible to know everything about a person in such a short amount of time.

Based on this, some believe that the premise of Marriage Is Blind is incoherent. However, the creator of the program defended himself by saying that the proposal is not to say that love is blind, but to question whether it really is.

Marriage Is Blind is available on Netflix.

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