Surprise trip: Ronn Moss buys a farm in the trailer of the film with Lino Banfi

Ronn Moss and Lino Banfi are the protagonists of the comedy Surprise Journey, here is the trailer and the poster of the film.

The comedy will hit theaters on June 8th Surprise trip with star Ronn Moss And Lino Banfi and online were shared on trailer and the poster of the project directed by Roberto Baeli.
The video anticipates some details of what happens when an American is deceived online and arrives in Italy convinced that he has purchased a farm. The situation becomes very complicated, but the experience in Puglia seems destined to change his life forever.

The film Viaggio a Sorpresa – Surprise Trip will debut on June 8 at the Kursaal Santalucia theater in Bari and will be distributed mainly in outdoor arenas (list being updated on the website

The interpreters of Roberto Baeli’s film are Ronn Moss, the star of the soap opera Beautiful, Mayra Pietrocola Paolo Sassanelli and Lino Banfi.
The cast also includes Marit Nissen, Mirko Bruno, Totò Onnis, Fabio Cursio Giacobbe, Pietro Genuardi, Massy Pipitone, Sophie Cavaliere and the historic captain of the national volleyball team Gigi Mastrangelo.

The comedy, set between New York and Puglia, tells the story of Michael, a New York broker in love with Italy who buys a farmhouse in Puglia to change the monotony of his life. When he arrives in Italy for the deed of the building he will meet an exuberant Apulian family and among a thousand misunderstandings, all sorts of things will happen.

Surprise Trip Poster

Produced by Tiziano Cavaliere for Bros Group Italia and 11:11 Films International, in co-production with BCC San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Domenico Barbano, Mirella Rocca, Giovanna Arnoldi, Roberto D’Introno, Nicola Palermo, and with the support of the Puglia Region and Apulia Film Commission.

The synopsis anticipates:
Michael (Ronn Moss) is a New York broker who, tired of the Wall Street frenzy, gives up everything and moves to Puglia, where he bought a farm. But when he arrives at his destination to sign the deed of his new home, he will have a series of surprises. Between ups and downs, hilarious and grotesque situations, Michael collides with a very particular Apulian family led by Don Antonio (Lino Banfi) and to complicate things, love will also be added …

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