Superman: the list of possible replacements for Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill stopped being Superman despite his short return as the hero in Black Adam. What actors could replace him as the character?

Henry Cavill as Superman
© IMDbHenry Cavill as Superman

henry cavill returned as Superman for a brief moment during the post credits scene of Black Adam where the character tells the antihero played by dwayne johnson what “must talk”. The public went crazy with the sequence, however, this was not enough to convince James Gunn on the continuity of the British in DC Comics. Remember: the director of Suicide Squad he is the new strong man of the brand in terms of the creative aspect.

what will happen now with Superman? David Zaslavthe number one of Warner Discoverysaid in the past that they are going to concentrate their efforts on giving the character the attention he deserves and the Internet is rumored that James Gunn wants to make a film telling the beginnings of Clark Kent as the brand’s most paradigmatic superhero in a reboot which many people reject.

+ Actors who could replace Henry Cavill

.3. jacob elordi

He starred in the popular franchise The Kissing Booth for Netflix besides being one of the high points of the celebrated series of HBO, Euphoria, where he shares the cast with Zendaya. His age is a plus if we take into account the intention of DC executives to show a young version of the most famous Kryptonian of all time.

.2. Noah Centineo

The young actor has already participated in Black Adam for DC Comics where he personified Atom Smasher but being the case that the new Superman will be included in a new continuity of the brand which means, certainly, that it will be a true rebootthere will be no problem for this interpreter to take over the role that was once the responsibility of Henry Cavill.

.1. austin abrams

This actor is also the ideal age to be the Superman that James Gunn wants to bring to the big screen. In the same way as Elordi, he participates in Euphoria in HBOin addition to being part of different projects with the adolescent public as the main target where the Christmas series of Netflix, dash and lilyand a title for which he is prepared as he is Rematch Now. The new Superman? We will see.

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