Superman: James Gunn sheds light on rumors of a Henry Cavill appearance in the DC TV series

James Gunn wanted to clarify the rumors posted online that claimed Superman, played by Henry Cavill, will appear in the DC TV series.

James Gunn wanted to put an end to online rumors of a possible appearance by Henry Cavill in version Superman in one of the series based on DC comics.
The British actor, despite some new updates claiming he has not yet signed the new contract with DC Studios and Warner Bros, after the release of Black Adam in theaters he confirmed that he would return to play the iconic superhero.

In the last few hours, rumors had spread that Superman, in the version played by Henry Cavill, could appear “in films in which he will star, crossover films and also television shows“.
However, the director wanted to reply to the news shared online, in particular to those in which the detail had been added that the series for the small screen would be present in the British star’s contract. James Gunn wrote online: “I’m not sure if you are intentionally lying or someone is lying and exploiting you, but as I said before, no one knows what is currently happening at DC Studios except me and Peter. And that includes writing any new contracts for anyone at this point“.

DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran to lead the new Warner division: is it a revolution?

DC fans will therefore have to wait to find out what will happen in the DC Universe after Gunn and Peter Safran land the job of CEO of DC Studios. The goal is to outline a plan lasting approximately 10 years to be able to carefully plan the next steps of the comic book adaptations for small and big screen.

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