Superman: Henry Cavill may not have made the new deal with DC Studios yet

According to The Wrap, sources close to DC Studios have confirmed that Henry Cavill has not yet renewed his deal and may not get a sequel to Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill has confirmed that he will reprise his role as Superman on the big screen, but the site The Wrap claims now that the actor has not yet reached theagreement with the study.
The new rumors would have emerged from a source close to DC Studios and Warner Bros Discovery, however for now the actor’s spokesmen declined to comment.

The American site claims that “numerous insiders who are aware of the situation, despite the news previously reported that a search for a screenwriter was underway, have confirmed that in fact there is no writer or director involved in a possible sequel to the adventures of Superman and there is currently no formal agreement with Henry Cavill for his return“.
The Wrap he also added that James Gunn and Peter Safran, now head of DC Studio, are planning their future projects regarding the DCU and there is therefore no confirmation regarding the next projects that will be realized.

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The sequel to Man of Steel would therefore not be confirmed yet and we will have to wait to find out what the first decisions made by Gunn and Safran will be.
Cavill, however, is expected to appear in the Black Adam sequel, but may not get a new lead feature film.

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