Superman and Lois season 2: tensions to be expected in the Lane family

Superman and Lois season 2

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Credit: TV Insider

Tonight, season 2 of Superman and Lois will be back on the CW. Lois Lane will not be at the end of her sentences in the next episodes.

It’s the big night for all fans of the Arrowverse. After a very (too) long absence, Clark Kent and his family will be making their comeback on our screens. The Season Premiere of season 2 of Superman and Lois will be broadcast on the CW and it has many surprises in store for us. The first season of Superman and Lois saw Clark Kent / Superman fighting his Kryptonian half-brother Tal-Rho / Morgan Edge, while the entire Kent family adjusted to life in Smallville after moving from Metropolis. In addition, in the Season Finale, John Henry Irons and Lois Lane’s daughter from an alternate reality has landed and that should create some unease in season 2 of Superman and Lois.

Tensions ! – Credit (s): The CW

The most famous journalist will not be at the end of her sentences in season 2 of Superman and Lois. Lois Lane will also face her own family tensions, including the arrival of her sister Lucy. As we already know, Jenna Dewan will be back in the Arrowverse after playing the role of Lucy Lane in Supergirl. During an interview with TV Insider, showrunner of the series, Todd Helbing, teased serious tensions for the Lane family in season 2 of Superman and Lois. The next episodes will therefore explore the history of the Lane family and reveal “why is Lois the way she is”.

Many challenges for Lois

“With all of our actors, I think last year we found out what kind of stories we can tell, when it comes to the miscarriage episode of Lois.”Todd Helbing said, before adding: “So we really wanted to dive into the history of the Lane family, introduce Lucy and make the audience understand why Lois is the way she is, why General Lane is the way he is, why Lois didn’t talk about Lucy, why the General Lane never talked about their mother … Then we really wanted to integrate that into the couple to see how they were going to handle a situation like that..” The arrival of Lucy Lane should therefore bring a little spice to season 2 of Superman and Lois.

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