Superbonus, instead of hitting multinationals, the state yields to servility

by Maurizio Contigiani

The Superbonus, together with the boomerang of sanctions against Russia, are the main contributory causes of the rampant inflationary phenomenon in a country already economically and psychologically devastated after two disastrous years of the pandemic. Superbonus and sanctionsa devastating synergy if applied to the latent dishonesty of almost all Italians and to the softness, impotence, lack of foresight, servilityto the propensity towards the corruptibility of a political class which unfortunately reflects the nature of this ridiculous country.

The sanctions have deprived us of the energy sources that we cannot give up to live the way we are used to living. The domestic bill alone has not quadrupled but any artifact, any fruit of the earth that today cannot renounce thepower to be produced or transported. And the Superbonus, with its own 110%has removed any type of bargaining on the price of an enormous quantity of products, prices that have skyrocketed because they are paid by the State, therefore perfectly irrelevant and not conditioning for the end user.

Buying today not only the famous “Energy coat”, but also just an air conditioner, a sun awning, a small photovoltaic system, a PVC window costs twice as much as before, but we pay as before, because the state pays the difference. . This poor state that instead of crushing the gigantic profits of the multinationals of energy and the related Dutch stock exchange, mountains of money produced by criminal speculation inflated far beyond the consequences of the Russian cut, renounces its ridiculous excise duties on the war in Ethiopia to hide such atrocities. This poor state that, in delivering an honest measure, did not take into account which direction dishonesty he directed it, that is to say, towards a society more inclined to take away what little it has given itself in order to make the rich richer and richer and to leave inflation to the poor.

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