Sunday on TV: One of the best superhero films was accompanied by a star scandal at the time

On Sunday evening, RTL Zwei shows two great films. However, one of them was accompanied by an extraordinary scandal, which was subsequently picked up in two Marvel films.

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) kicked off with Iron Man in 2008, there were a few superheroes who had already made one or more big screen appearances. These include the X-Men, Blade, Hulk, the Fantastic Four and probably the most popular hero from this ranks: Spider Man.

At the Sunday 7th August 2022 indicates RTL II from 8:15 p.m. the first and from 10:35 p.m. the second Spider-Man film with Tobey Maguire. While the 2002 debut follows the Origin story of the friendly neighborhood spider and pits Peter Parker against the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe). “Spider Man 2” with Doctor Otto Octavius ​​(Alfred Molina) a new super villain on the scene. This ensures bombastic action in the two-hour blockbuster and is one of the reasons why the sequel is one of the best representatives of the genre.

Otto Octavius, alias Doc Ock, is not the only one who caused a commotion as part of “Spider-Man 2”. Because leading actor Tobey Maguire kindled a true one even before shooting started Hollywood scandalhow vulture reported. Because the actor announced to the studio at the time that he was with serious back problems struggling and might not be willing to slip into the superhero costume again.

Again, the studio took this as a threat and thought the actor was trying to negotiate a better deal for the film. But instead of offering Tobey Maguire a higher fee or similar benefits, the studio fired back and hinted at a replacement by Jake Gyllenhaal. Finally, Ron Meyer, then-Universal Studios boss and father of Maguire’s now-wife Jennifer Meyer, reached out to the actor and advised him to reconcile with Sony.

As a result, Tobey Maguire apologized to the film studio and got his job back. However, he fired his agent in what was perceived by the public as a gesture of remorse and had to undergo a test to prove he was physically fit for the shoot. Like this whole thing taken up in two Spider-Man films we will tell you in the following lines. But first we would like to give you an insight into the world of Hollywood scandals with the following video:

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“Spider-Man 2” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home” picked up on the scandal

In “Spider-Man 2” there are two scenes in which this scandal is taken up with a wink. As the film progresses, Peter Parker loses his powers and when he is at a Jump between two skyscrapers testing whether his powers have returned, he falls into the alley, is slowed down by some clotheslines and slams into a limousine with full force. The fallen hero then hobbles away in humility and with obvious back pain.

A little more subtle, however, is the allusion to the scandal in a scene where we Daily Bugle get to see. Because on the front page, next to the gigantic Spider-Man news, there is a message that reads: “Is chronic back pain synonymous with brain shrinkage?”. You can watch this little Easter Egg by clicking the following button on Twitter:

Check out the Easter Egg in the Twitter post here

Finally, a gag regarding the incident was built into the MCU as well. Because in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man versions unite and the former complains about back pain from all the swinging. The Andrew Garfield Spider-Man then takes on the problem and puts the tormented superhero back in position. The former scandal was therefore converted into a charming joke here as well.

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