Sunday on TV: One of the best films Bruce Willis has ever made

All fans of Bruce Willis can look forward to one of his strongest films ever on Sunday evening and at the same time to a highlight of action cinema of the 1990s.

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Of course, the first “Die Hard” film is the greater classic and, as a milestone of the action film itself, more important than the second sequel from 1995, but “Die Hard: Now Even More” is a bit more fun than its predecessors. This is partly due to co-star Samuel L. Jackson and the right chemistry between him and Bruce Willis, but also because it is not a rehash of the story about a lone fighter who is stuck in a building and there is a bad guy there Knave after the other puts out of action.

Reversing the skeleton into a buddy movie and expanding the setting to include all of New York City breathed new life into the franchise in 1995, showing everyone involved at the height of their art. Whether or not you agree with the thesis that this part is the best of the whole series, you can find out at Sunday, July 26, 2022 on RTL at prime time at 8:15 p.m check over.

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A few weeks ago we received the sad news that Bruce Willis had to end his career for health reasons. According to his daughter Rumer, the actor suffers from aphasia, a disease that impairs the mental production of language. Currently you can experience Bruce Willis again on the big screen. His action film “A Day To Die” has been in cinemas since June 23, 2022. You can find out what it’s about here.

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