Sun, heat and a taste of vacation: get ready, the MRI confirms temperatures of 30 to 35ºC!

Tourists strolling along the Coast will be able to enjoy marine well-being at 20 to 21ºC, as will those who have opted for a stroll in the Hautes-Fagnes. Other regions will blush below 22-24ºC.

The wind will blow weakly over the whole country except on the coast, where the reeds could bend under a moderate to fairly strong sea breeze.

The few upper sails will evacuate the sky to the east during the evening. The night should be serene, with rather cool temperatures in some Ardennes valleys (5ºC) but milder in the big cities (12ºC).

The sun will continue to shine on Wednesday, accompanied by a few transient upper cloud fields. The mercury will rise, allowing schoolchildren and schoolgirls to enjoy their free afternoon under 23 or 24ºC at the sea and in the Eastern cantons, and up to 28ºC in Belgian Lorraine.

This hot, dry weather is expected to continue Thursday, with similar highs. The real heat stroke will occur on Friday, with temperatures around 30ºC. Saturday, 30 to 35ºC are announced inland.

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