Summer vacation: youtuber teaches strategies to escape high prices and buy low-cost tickets

THE summer arrived and, with it, many people take the opportunity to enjoy their vacations while traveling. THE youtuber Lucas Fialho, an expert in how to accumulate air miles, explains that there is still time to take advantage of the benefit, even those who do not have miles saved. The hot season runs until March 20. “Opportunities to invest in miles usually happen every 2 months,” he says.

Lucas comments that many people believe that using a credit card is the only possible way to acquire miles. “Credit card points are just one way and not the main one”, he says.

“Actually, there are opportunities where you can buy air miles at low cost and as a consequence also much cheaper tickets. Recently, I issued tickets to Rio de Janeiro that in cash would be R$ 400, but with miles it cost less than R$ 200”, he justifies.

Learn how to avoid high prices in summer

Lucas Fialho recommends using some strategies to buy tickets at low cost. “Generally, the time of travel and research varies the price. Flights during the night are usually cheaper, and it is worth remembering that the day of the week you decide to travel can also affect the price of the ticket”, he says.

“Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays tend to have more affordable values. In these cases, having flexible hours is important because we get much more attractive prices when the trip is scheduled for times of little interest to most people”, he teaches.

See how to get cheaper tickets

The national sections with the lowest prices are found when purchased between 30 and 60 days before departure. In summer, the most popular cities are usually the coastal ones. Lucas Fialho recommends that it may be interesting to buy flights by breaking segments.

“Airlines make flight promotions by segment at times, creating their own connections”, he points out.

“An example of this is, if I want a trip from Porto Alegre to Rio, I can find discounts if I buy two tickets, one from Porto Alegre to Curitiba and another from Curitiba to Rio. Janeiro, and it would not depend on the company to make this stopover. The client himself would create his own stretch”, he evaluates.

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