Summer trip: fashion expert points out 4 looks that can’t be missing in your suitcase

To season of summer this year promises to be eventful, with travel spending growing significantly. With so much time without taking a vacation, a question may arise: what to pack in your suitcase to ensure a lot of style during your trip?

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Model and influencer, Aline tabata highlights that the beachwear trends this year should follow the fashion weeks. Therefore, vibrant colors, handcrafted materials and different prints should not be lacking.

“As with the resumption of tourism, trends follow a wave of euphoria, so we see lots of fun pieces and lots of colors, as well as the remnants of isolation fashion are also present, such as the most comfortable clothes and handmade fabrics”, he says. .

Check out the main trends that cannot be missing in a fashionista travel bag according to fashion expert Aline Tabata:

handcrafted fabrics

The wave of appreciation for handcrafted accessories makes straw bags, crochet bikinis and even handcrafted sarongs wildcards when it comes to putting together any summer look.

“Crochet bikinis are a great option, as they can be used both on the beach and as a crop top for evening outings. The same goes for beach outings in this fabric. The straw bag is also very versatile, as it adapts to different occasions depending on how it is combined”, he says.

Vibrant colors

Vibrant colors that bring lightness and optimism are dominating the look of fashionistas. So for current and modern looks, seasonal shades like orange, crimson pink, lavender, bright yellow, lime green and red can, and should, color your summer bag.

To help when combining, the color wheel is a tool that will help when mixing colors.

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“Through it, there are countless possibilities. For more impactful compositions, bet on combinations of complementary or triad colors, as they mix opposite tones, thus achieving maximum saturation and bringing life and joy to the look”, he says.

“For the most classic, the analogous color combinations are a good choice, as they usually bring an atmosphere of calm and sophistication”, he highlights.

Cut out

Strategic cuts are among the most used trends by celebrities, so the cut out is essential for a holiday bag.

“This is a great option for hot days as it is a trend that brings balanced sensuality from beachwear compositions. Besides, it is very democratic. You can have both bolder cuts below the breasts, for example, as more discreet slits in the waist region, which still helps to visually reduce the place”, he guarantees.

Psychedelic prints

Inspired by the revival of the dominant hippie style in the 70s with tie dye, pieces with psychedelic prints are the standard of the time. This tangle of lines, waves and colors is very present in the collection of great brands such as Gucci and Valentino and is an option for those who like the most hypnotic and hallucinogenic aesthetics.

“The tip is to opt for clothes with lighter fabrics, such as tulle, ensuring sensuality and modernity in the proposals. In addition, because it is very characteristic, clothes with this print are wildcard and make you stylish in a few minutes”, he says.

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