Summer sales 2022: the best video game promotions

By Cécile D., Laurent P. Published on June 22, 2022 at 4:55 p.m.

Notice to gamers wanting to save money! On the occasion of the 2022 Summer Sales, we’re stocking up on great gaming deals, online or in store. Games, accessories, consoles… We take stock of the good deals!

Gamer friends, it’s time to do some good business! On the occasion of Summer sales 2022we take the opportunity to stock up on new apps and accessories Low price. Sales which are therefore an opportunity to redo your games inventory, after skimming through all the ones you’ve been able to sand over the past few months. On the accessories side, it’s also a good time to get what you’re missing, the latter being, in general, relatively expensive (we think especially of the controllers…).

Whether you are more PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC or Nintendo Switch, there is something for all ages and all tastes. And for players who would like to take advantage of tips, but who wouldn’t know where to turn, good news: the editorial staff offers you a selection of good tips! All you have to do is make your choice. At your controls!

Our selection of good deals for the 2022 Summer Sales:

On the PlayStation store:

On the Nintendo e-Shop:

On the Microsoft store:

Gaming accessories:

So, what are you going to fall for during these sales?

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