Summer house drama: Monballijns are stressed with the youth welfare office

Michelle Monballijn and Mike Cees-Monballijn were blackened by the youth welfare office. The couple’s scenes at The Stars’ Summer House had sparked a lot of discussion. The reason: Many feared that the Ex-Temptation Island participant oppressed his wife – and treated her too roughly. For this reason, the actress and her husband are currently even having problems with the authorities. The youth welfare office fears that the best interests of Michelles Offspring could be at risk.

“When you get a letter from the youth welfare office – it hurts at first,” said the mother of two in an interview with RTL. Her husband is certain that the office only intervened because of the summer house charisma. “The youth welfare office only reacted so quickly because we were in the summer house, because there were a few scenes that a few people encountered”he explained. Apparently there is a suspicion that Mike could pose a danger when dealing with ten-year-old Ann Jolie and her little brother Lijan Jazz. Just a few days after the official letter, employees of the youth welfare office visited the family at home to get an overview of the situation.

Michelle can’t understand this – she made it clear that she would never put her children in danger: “I would never let a man by my side beat my children.” The 42-year-old was beaten by her stepfather herself and wants to spare her offspring this fate. Apparently the appointment with the youth welfare office went well. “When interacting with the children, she clearly noticed that there were no concerns,” said Michelle. But now we have to wait for an official report.

Michelle Monballijn, actress

ActionPress / Gulotta, Francesco

Michelle Monballijn, actress
Mike Cees-Monballijn
Michelle Monballijn and Mike Cees-Monballijn, “The Stars’ Summer Home” candidates for 2021

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