Suga is ISTP in the MBTI test, this reveals his way of being

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have unique personalities that characterize them. In the case of Suga, the rapper has a reserved way of being that has won the hearts of fans. What does it mean to be ISTP on the MBTI test?

In a recent program, the ways of being of the members of btsbased on the personality test MBTI. Although he had previously obtained another result, Suga now he has the personality ISTP.

Suga from BTS is ISTP. // Source: Twitter @vminiecats

BTS fans were surprised by the new result of Suga and the rest of the members, since most of them changed from the previous personality they had obtained.

However, this is common, since human beings are constantly changing, it is not strange that the members changed their results in their MBTI, after the different experiences they have had in recent months.

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How is Suga according to the MBTI? The qualities of ISTP

ISTP He is known in the ranks of MBTI personalities as: The Virtuoso. People with this personality type are curious and creative. A perfect touch for Suga, who has shown his creativity and talent by producing multiple songs.
Similarly, these people can be generous, flexible, seek to avoid conflicts and, in turn, analyze the cause and seek a solution. They become quite efficient people.

They are kind people, but very reserved and mysterious. A quality that many fans have noticed in Suga, who has always been calmer than the rest of his teammates. Do you think this description fits Suga?

Suga’s personality in the MBTI. // Source: Twitter @vminiecats

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What was Suga’s MBTI before? The rapper had a different kind of personality

Prior to the last show, Suga’s personality had been revealed to be INFP. She had a Mediator personality, people who are characterized by being sensitive and empathetic. In both cases, he continues to be shy and introverted, as well as generous. They are two personalities that get along well, so he does not distinguish a great difference in his two results.

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