Suffers impact that breaks his jaw, recovers and users are impressed with the change

In USAa softball player was extremely affected when a ball hit her face destroying her jaw, but after undergoing treatment she became trend of TikTok when users of this social network they were extremely shocked with the final result on his face after recovering.

A ball at dangerous speeds

Emma Todhunter practice this sport in the North Idaho Collegewho tells us that during a spring match his face received a strong throw, whose ball went at speeds greater than 60 meters per hour.

The accident had the consequence that her jaw was broken in two, but not only that, because it also ripped out pieces of her teeth, for which she had to be taken to an emergency, after which the doctors who treated her chose to close this bone with wire.

TikTok as catharsis

emma kept his jaw closed for 6 long and tedious weekstime in which, to distract himself, and by way of catharsis, he used TikTok to document the entire recovery process, but what he never imagined is that his testimony would reach the hearts of millions of users of this platform, going viral in a short time.

One of his videos tells us how this accident changed his daily routine, to the point that he assures that straws (either straws) became his “best friend”but also that none of the clothes that he used before fit him well, mainly because lost weight because she couldn’t open her mouth to eat.

She has also shared tapes where we see her inject mouthwash that, in a few words, it comes to be a substitute for the action of brushing the teeth; there is also a tape missing where it shows how yawn without opening your mouth.

Recovering your voice and your daily life

Therefore, as time passed, Emma put a countdown until she reached 6 weeks, until the long-awaited day arrived when the wires were removed from her jaw, but this has not kept her from TikTokQuite the contrary, he has taken good advantage of the fame he has gained during his recovery process, which is why, for now, he continues to document various aspects of his daily recovery after his jaw returns to normal.

In fact, the vast majority of his followers have only been hearing his real voice for the first time for a few weeks, which was hidden during the 6 weeks that he lasted. recovery due to the wires that held his jaw together.

Emma, ​​Rising TikTok Star

Nowadays, Emma Todhunter has more than 315.6 thousand followers on TikTokwhile the “I like it” of your page exceed 15.1 millionmost of these are found since he released his history in this social network.

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