Suffering from heart disease, Paul cannot see his general practitioner: “I want to know if I will be there at my daughter’s wedding”

According to the Daily Mirror, an ischemic heart disease which blocks blood circulation due to an accumulation of fatty matter in the arteries. Can trigger heart attacks, medical treatment can help reduce the risk. Yet Paul can’t make appointments at his GP’s office, visibly under unprecedented pressure from a shortage of healthcare staff.

“I happened to call at eight in the morning and at quarter past eight, I was told that it was full,” he confided to the Daily Mirror. “They don’t ask me why I need to get in touch. My daughter is getting married next year. I want to know if I will be there or not”.

Without any indication of the evolution of his illness, Paul is therefore more than ever confused by the situation. “We have to call at eight in the morning and queue up on the phone,” he explains. “The queue allows you to put down the phone and when you are at the front of the queue, you are called back. I called three times at 8am last week, I was called back around 8.15am to be told by the receptionist that there were no more places available and that they had to call back”.

According to the Royal College of GPs, the professional body for GPs, chronic staff shortages are worsening the workload of the healthcare sector. “The type of problems we encounter in general practice are far more complex than they were when I started my career,” said Professor Martin Marshall, President of the Royal College of GPs. “As a result, each consultation becomes more and more pressing.”

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