Succession season 4: what is known so far about the HBO Max series

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Created by Jesse Armstrong and produced by Adam McKay, the drama based on the Roy family is one of the most important of the moment. Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox star in it.

Brian Cox as Logan Roy.
© IMDbBrian Cox as Logan Roy.

One of the best series of the moment is, without a doubt, Succession. Created by Jesse Armstrong and executive produced by Adam McKaycan be seen in full hbo maxwhere the three installments that were broadcast since the debut of the production back in 2018 are available. The third season began airing in mid-October and ended its run on December 12 with an ending that surprised all its viewers.

As you remember, the alliance of the brothers Roy, Shiv, Roman and Kendallwas not enough to stop Logan Roy and end their plans to sell Waystar Royco, leaving them with absolutely nothing. The determining factor? Without a doubt that was Tom, Shiv’s husbandwho, tired of being mistreated by his partner, chose to think about his own interests, leaked information to Logan Roy and he got some credits to be well positioned in the company.

So far, it is known that the fourth season of Succession is confirmed by HBO since the news was given while the third installment was being broadcast. In this context, it should be noted that filming will most likely not start until next month (at least according to the statements made by Brian Cox). The release date has not yet been confirmed.

When could the fourth season of Succession? Without the coronavirus as an obstacle and responsible for the fact that two years have passed between the second and third seasons, the logic would be that, once filming is finished, post-production is accelerated and it can be released before the end of the year. However, taking into account the number of transfers made by the production, the filming could take a long time and this would mean that there would not be a premiere until just after 2023.

+ The characters that would return to Succession

No confirmed cast for season 4 of Successionlogic indicates that all the roy family will be back: Brian Cox (Logan Roy), Jeremy Strong (Kendall Roy), Sarah Snook (Shiv Roy), Kieran Culkin (Roman Roy) and Alan Ruck (Connor Roy). To them should be added the society that makes up the characters of Matthew Macfadyen (Tom Wambsgans) and Nicholas Braun (Greg Hirsch)together with a key partner for Logan What Gerry Kellmanplayed by and J. Smith-Cameron. But also, taking into account that Luke Matsson was in charge of buying Waystar Roycoeverything would indicate that we will see again Alexander Skarsgard in the series of HBO.

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