Success Story Toys cushions and mosquito repellents made from cigarette butts earning in lakhs

Success Story: The corona pandemic has rendered millions of people jobless. Especially during the second wave of Corona, people got more trouble because due to the increase in the number of deaths, there was panic everywhere and many people lost their jobs. Meanwhile, a person came up with a new idea of ​​a startup after losing his job and now his earnings are in lakhs. This person also makes toys, cushions and mosquito repellants from cigarette butts and is earning lakhs of rupees through the same.

This story is of Twinkle Kumar, who lives in Mohali, Punjab, whose business has now become an example for the people. He has become a successful businessman by recycling cigarette butt and he is being discussed all around.

idea from youtube

During an interview, Twinkle Kumar said, “When I lost my job, I used to watch videos on YouTube most of the time. During this time I got the idea of ​​cigarette recycling. After that I made a plan to start a business after doing a lot of research. The big challenge was to collect the cigarette filters. For this I talked to many shopkeepers and the company hired women there. Initially everyone was hesitant to collect the cigarette butts, but gradually they started enjoying this work. Put.”

how the business grew

Twinkle said, “By evening, when a lot of cigarette butts were collected, we used to start recycling them. We used to sell the cushions, toys etc. in the market. Slowly our work started gaining momentum. We invested a little money and got 1 boxes placed in each shop so that people smoke cigarettes and put the filter in the box. This made cigarette butts easier to collect and we started having cigarette filters more quickly. Now we have fast Started recycling them and started making more products. A friend of mine living in Noida also helped a lot in this work.”

Twinkle’s earning is now in lakhs

Twinkle is now earning lakhs of rupees through products made from cigarette filters. The funny thing is that they do not have to pay money to buy cigarette filters. It costs only to collect them and after making their new product, they get a good price in the market.

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