Success! After CENSORSHIP by the Government, the film debuts in 1st place on Globoplay

The censorship apparently increased the public’s curiosity with the lauded film’Provisional Measure‘, which went a long and bureaucratic way to be launched in Brazil.

The production went through several controversies due to the topic addressed, and ended up having the release blocked for months by ANCINE. After nearly a year, the producers got permission to release the film in theaters.

Now, the production appears as the MOST WATCHED title on Globoplay.

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the star Lázaro Ramos told Folha de S. Paulo that his film suffered “bureaucratic censorship” to debut: “What we do know is that a member of the government led a boycott back there, saying how the film was made to speak ill of the ‘messiah’. Then we needed a simple subscription to change our distributor, and that took a year and a few months to happen”he concluded.

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Now, ‘Provisional Measure‘ is available to subscribers of Globoplay.

Tais Araújowife of Lazaruscriticized the censorship against the feature when it was released in theaters.

“I think the film was censored, yes, but I’m glad it was released, because Brazil deserves to see and discuss these issues”, confessed the atrocious in an interview he gave to Vogue. Which she completed by saying: “This movie, when we filmed it, was 2018… Anyway, none of what we live today, this tragedy did not exist. We called it a dystopian future, which is really scary because it feels like this dystopia is getting so close.”.

Tais Araújo also highly praised the work of Lázaro Ramos in the filming: “It’s a film that has a lot of the identity of Lázaro’s direction, starting with a light comedy and, when you see it, there’s nothing funny, the situation is dramatic, it’s tragic. Then he calls us to talk, but in an affectionate way”.

Synopsis: In a dystopian future, the Brazilian government decrees a provisional measure that forces black citizens to ‘return’ to Africa as a way of repairing the times of slavery. Lawyer Antônio (Alfred Enoch), his partner, doctor Capitu (Taís Araújo), and his cousin, journalist André (Seu Jorge) decide to resist, some confined to their homes, others in the Afrobunker – a movement that will fight for the right to stay in your country.

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