Subject can not find a partner in dating app: “There is no hope for men”

  • Some users refuted the tiktoker because they informed him that receiving many “I like it” in these applications, does not mean that everyone is outgoing or potential partners.
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Jeremy Cryer has turned trend of TikTok for your private history why? Well, the man of the USA confessed that it is a real ordeal to find a partner in a recognized dating application, in addition to ensuring in this social network that men do not have many chances to find their better half compared to the “good luck” Women’s.

Men don’t get many chances.

His story has two parts and he accompanies them with a phrase that sentences his feelings: “There is no hope for men.”but what does it refer to?: “Do you realize that we guys have to wait, like, (a) week to get a ‘like’ or when we send a ‘like’ why do they accept it?”

And continues: “We’re like shooting a basketball in the dark. Blindfolded, upside down and hoping it lands in a goal almost smaller than the actual ball.”says in the form of metaphor.

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divided opinions

Immediately, thousands of people flocked to the comment box to support him: “I sat down with my friend and we did a 5-minute slide where we had to swipe on everyone. I got 55 matches, he got 2. It’s very difficult for the boys.”. However, some women replied to what Jeremy postulated: “Of those 39 only 2 are good”.

However, in an update video, the tiktoker assured that the coincidences were reduced to 17 men: “Most girls get hundreds of likes, but I can’t believe she liked 39. It couldn’t be me”, “How many really get involved? I also receive a lot, but they never activate or disappear”said other users of TikTok in the post.

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