Stylish: Shania Tyra Geiss is so grown up online

Shania Tyra Geiss (18) has now become a young lady. Since 2011, viewers of The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family have been able to catch a glimpse of the luxury life of the family of four. Over the years, fans of the Monaco-born beauty have also been able to watch as she ages. How grown up Shania has now become, she now clarified with some pictures on the net.

On their Instagramaccount, the influencer has now published some shots of herself posing in a little black dress. While Shania in the first photo she is still smiling heartily, in the other pictures she is much more elegant. So she looks seriously into the camera on one of the snapshots, while she runs her fingers through her hair on the other – the blonde is only shown from behind. The resemblance to her mother Carmen (57) can hardly be overlooked. She simply captioned her post: “Pure bliss.” shared in her story Shania then another black and white photo in which she poses thoughtfully in front of the Dubai skyline.

The impressions of the life of the 18-year-old were also very well received by the fans. So many users expressed how great and mature Shania looks like in the pictures. “You are so pretty. Have a great time”, “What beautiful hair” or: “You look great”were just a few enthusiastic comments.

Instagram / shania__geiss

Shania Geiss, influencer

Instagram / shania__geiss

Shania Geiss, reality TV actress

Instagram / shania__geiss

Shania Geiss in Paris, 2022

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