"Stupid": Fans are all over again "The Voice"-Voting annoyed

At The Voice of Germany, the battles are on. Tonight, the talents from Nico Santos’ (28) team have to show what they can do. In previous seasons, after the individual appearances, the coach decided whether a talent would get a so-called “hot seat”, ie a place in the next round, or not. But now the voting works differently. After each performance, viewers use the app to decide which talent will get one of the two hot seats. You can vote for every artist all the time – regardless of whether they have already performed or not. Finally, the coach can choose a third talent. But what do viewers say about the new voting system?

The enthusiasm for the new regulation is limited. Apparently the audience is not happy about their new right to participate. “I think it’s totally stupid that you can vote for talents who haven’t even performed,” commented an annoyed fan Twitter. “Is there an intermediate result and change after every performance? Sorry, I can’t take that all evening, what a stupid concept”, agreed another user. “That will be the purest nudge of the talents with the new system”, noted another user.

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However, some fans also see opportunities in the concept. “With the fun hot seat allocation in the app, someone has definitely done their homework. Really nice”praised a viewer. “First it was complained that the coaches made lonely, incomprehensible decisions. Now it was complained that the responsibility was passed on to the audience,” argued another fan.

Nico Santos bei "The Voice of Germany", 2021

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Claudius Pflug

Nico Santos bei “The Voice of Germany”, 2021
Die "The Voice of Germany"-Coaches 2021

ProSiebenSAT.1 / ClaudiusPflug

Die “The Voice of Germany”-Coaches 2021
Johannes Oerding, Sarah Connor, Nico Santos and Mark Forster

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Christoph Assmann

Johannes Oerding, Sarah Connor, Nico Santos and Mark Forster

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