Studytracks, the music app that fights school dropout

By Julie M. Posted September 23, 2022 12:43 PM

Based on the observation that it is much easier to remember the words of a song than the content of its courses, Studytracks had the idea of ​​putting into song the entire official school program from CM1 to Terminale including the CAP. And to accompany this beautiful project, led by the young influencers Michou and InoxTag, many singers known and appreciated by young audiences, such as Soprano, Angunn or Black M, have lent themselves to the game of setting the course content to music.

What if learning was as easy as listening to a song? It’s Virginia’s (not so) crazy bet and Alexandre Houpertfounders of Studytracksa revolutionary application that helps fight against dropout by offering students from CM1 to Terminale, via the CAPs, to learn the key points of Course of Study thanks to songs performed by leading singers of their generation.

The application, very user-friendly, therefore offers more than a thousand titles organized by subject which take up the essential points of the school program, set to music and interpreted by singers such as FiansoJoey Star, Koba L.A.D. or Joyce Jonathan Where Angunn.

At the origin of this project, a teacher, Virginia Houpert, who had the idea of ​​writing the program in songs to help him better memorize his lessons. A few years later, this beautiful project is bearing fruit since many names in the song have lent themselves to the game and have recorded 1800 titles already present on the application available for free access on Apple Store as Google Play since September 21, 2022.

“Studytracks has proven itself for several years now. Studytracks is a clever mix between the world of education, music and new technologies: all at the service of education. Studytracks has developed a powerful educational tool against school dropout, a real scourge in France with no less than 100,000 dropouts per year” explains Alexandre Houpert, co-founder of Studytracks.

But how do you set a course to music? It all starts with writing course summary by our team of teachers under the direction of Virginie Houpert, head teacher from Study Tracks. The texts are perfectly in line with the official program. Then, a chorus is developed. This contains the most important information from the lesson, then the verses help to go into the details. Then, rhymes are written as for a so-called traditional piece.

Finally, a artist professional is selected to perform on an instrument composed in the studio. Then the song is made available on a application accessible to teachers. There are no more students than to listen regularly to the songs for assimilate simply and quickly the knowledge delivered in each song.

The app also offers games and quiz around the songs to ensure that the children and teenagers have understood and retained the lesson. For example, we find “Play Finish the Songs“, a very small game satisfying during which the student must determine the correct word among two propositions. This mini game gives a lot of dopamine with, in particular, a small video of the singer in the background which encourages every success.

Among the ambassadors of Studytracks, we find in particular one of the favorite Youtuber of the French, the young Michouwhich indicates : When I was younger, I wish I had known about this app. It’s incredible in real life, it would have made my life so much easier. I am proud to help Studytracks and fight against school dropout with the team “.

Validated by the Canopé Network / National Education, the Studytracks platform is being deployed throughout the territory. We wish a lot of success to this beautiful project which greatly deserves to be known and encouraged!

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