study abroad tips: Study Abroad: Keep these things in mind while packing bag for studies abroad


  • Keep these tips in mind before going to study abroad
  • Keep these things in mind while packing the bag

Study Abroad Preparation Tips: In today’s time, thousands of students from India go to other countries to get education. But studying in another country is not that easy, especially to travel to another country and reach there and settle without any problem. While packing their bags for going abroad, students often forget such things which are very important for them. Due to this they have to face problems.

travel and college documents
If you are packing your bags before going abroad, then first of all keep in mind that keep all your documents, in this your books, study material, offer letter, degree certificate, vaccine certificate, passport, visa, travel insurance, Don’t forget to carry plane tickets, ISIC cards, etc.

money and cards
After placing the document, the number comes for money and card, this includes international debit/credit cards, forex cards/travelex cards, the local currency of the place where you are going, as well as some coins for making phone calls at airports and for renting trolleys etc. Keep it with you too.
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take care of clothes
If you are going to another country from India, then the weather there may be different from here, so while packing the bag, keep in mind that pack your clothes according to the weather there. For example, if you are going to countries like Canada, Germany, America, Britain or Ireland, then you will get cold there, so keep clothes accordingly. Also, keep some of the clothes that you wear regularly in your bag in small quantities. Like a pair of jeans, pajamas, joggers and sweatshirts and suits.

After clothes comes the number of accessories. Take care of them also according to the need. This can include cotton socks, flip flops, walking and running shoes, inner wear along with other personal belongings.

In today’s time, gadgets have become very important for everyone, people are completely connected with them and take them with them wherever they go. You should also pay full attention to packing all your gadgets at the time of packing. Pack your MP3 player/iPod, laptop, electrical converters and adapters, cameras, memory cards, chargers and adapters, headphones, phones and chargers, and don’t forget to carry a portable backup charger.
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Don’t forget to carry these items too
Essential for Corona – Mask, chemical free sanitizer, face shield, first aid, sanitizer, thermometer and other medicines. While traveling pillow, blanket, eye cap and ear plug, sunglasses, pen for filling customs form, hydro towel etc. for general use during travel.

to reach abroadKeep these things in mind after

  1. After reaching abroad, first of all make arrangements for your stay, whether to stay in a hostel or take a room on rent there. It is better if you already have complete information on all these points.
  2. After that you try to open a bank account. Do this work with the first priority, because by doing this you will be able to avoid the hassle of carrying currency with you.
  3. Along with studying in college, start working part time as well, it gives you pocket money as well as an opportunity to mingle with people.
  4. It is better to keep a reserve on your own in foreign countries and make friends with the people there. This method makes it social by meeting the lack of distance of loved ones in another city.
  5. Maintain your self-confident, this is what works the most while away from home. It will support you at every turn.

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