Stubborn sunscreen stains?: These home remedies help

Stubborn sunscreen stains?
These home remedies will help

Sunscreen usually causes yellow or greasy stains on white clothing.

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Sunscreen can cause stubborn grease stains on clothing. These home remedies will help.

Sun cream and sun oil are known to be extremely rich. Stains on clothing are often unavoidable during and after application. The reason for this is the UV filters it contains, which appear yellow and white on textiles. The higher the sun protection factor, the stronger the stains. Dress, trousers and T-shirt are not necessarily ruined. With a few simple life hacks, the residue can usually be easily removed.

All-round baking powder

Baking powder is considered a real all-rounder in the household. However, to remove stains, it should only be used on white clothing as it can fade. Simply wet the affected area and cover with baking soda. Let the whole thing soak for half an hour and then put the garment in the washing machine.

Dishwashing liquid is fat-dissolving

Detergent has a fat-dissolving effect and can therefore also be used to remove stains. First, soak up the sunscreen with a dry cloth, then treat the stain with dish soap before putting the garment in the machine. The same process also works with gall soap.

vinegar or citric acid

Vinegar is also versatile in the household. Put this in a bowl with water in a ratio of 1:10 and let the garment soak for an hour. Then put it in the washing machine. The whole thing also works with citric acid, for example, where an exposure time of two hours is recommended.

Avoid stains

The residue cannot always be removed from light-colored and sensitive fabrics, such as linen or viscose. To prevent stains, it is best to let the sunscreen absorb well.


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