“Strong, Sad, Exciting”: New Netflix Movie Is Making Subscribers CRY; Check out the reactions!

Netflix has added to its catalog a new drama based on a true story that is impacting its subscribers and earning a lot of praise.

Entitled ‘trees of peace‘ (Trees of Peace), the film debuted at No.

In the plot, four different women are trapped in a hideout during the Rwandan genocide and become great friends. They reminisce about their lives, are moved by each other’s stories, while fearing for their lives.

On social media, Netflix subscribers praised the story, the cast and the production… But they already warn: prepare your heart because the film has strong and very emotional scenes.

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trees of peace‘ premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2021, where it won several awards, including the John Singleton Award for Best First Feature Film.

It’s the director’s first film. Alanna Brown.

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