Strong definition on Alex Caniggia after winning "The Hotel of the Famous": "He is mercenary and competitive"

Alex Caniggia was consecrated in “The Hotel of the Famous” after months of great competition and strategies. After the celebrations he had with his family and those around him, including Melody Light, with whom he started a romance within the reality showa revelation about him aroused attention.

During a broadcast of “Intruders”, Fabian Esperonhis representative, spoke about the eccentric life of the media and ended up throwing a strong definition on the brother of Charlotte Caniggia after his victory in the celebrity competition that came to an end a few weeks ago.

“Were you glad you won?”he asked Florence of the V to the manager and he was very honest. “He’s happy. Alex Caniggia is absolutely competitive and he is a mercenary, that is, he likes to earn moneyhe noted, spicy. In addition, he added: He likes the twine he wonbut above all he likes to have beaten another”he assured, about the victory he achieved against Martin Salwe in the reality of pampita and the chinese leunis.

Fabián Esperón spoke about the personality of Alex Caniggia after “El Hotel de los Famosos”.

Regarding the influencer’s romance with Melody Lightit transpired that he is advancing steadily outside the “The Hotel of the Famous” where love was born, beyond the fact that some people in the public ask the dancer recurrent questions about their relationship. On her part, Charlotte gave the go-ahead to the courtship and it does not seem like a minor fact.

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