Stromae unveils his new single “Hell” in an original way

Stromae seems to have always mastered the art of directing. The Belgian artist created the event this Sunday in the television news of the French channel TF1 by revealing Hell, the new title of his future album which evokes “suicidal thoughts”.

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Invited on the set of Anne-Claire Coudray, the artist presented his last title in a sober and skilful staging, as a last response, in song, to the short interview he had just given on the set. “In your songs, you also talk a lot about loneliness, has the music helped you to free yourself from it”, asks the French journalist. Stromae will respond in song.

“Suddenly, I sometimes had suicidal thoughts / I am not very proud of it / We sometimes believe that it is the only way to silence them / These thoughts which make me live a hell”, we hear thus in this piece with strong autobiographical hints.

The song was uploaded to music platforms immediately. Stromae’s new album, Multitude, will be released on March 4 and it is one of the most anticipated French-speaking records of 2022.

An echo of past torments

Stromae, withdrawn from the musical circuit since 2015, had already unveiled a first single in mid-October, Health, dedicated to small hands, everyday workers who are not always paid attention. This time, Hell is a bit darker and more personal. Like an echo of his past torments. His latest album, Square root (2013, after Cheese in 2010), had tipped this 36-year-old musician into another dimension, for better or for worse. This public and critical success had taken him on two years of crazy tours around the world which had wrung him both physically and mentally.

“Even if we sell dreams, it remains a job and, like in any job, when we work too much, we end up with a burn-out”, he conceded in 2018 in an interview with the French channel France 2. With this televised passage, Stromae continues to increase the attention around his next album. Internationally, he had already provided a remarkable service in early December around Health in Jimmy Fallon’s show, on the American channel NBC.

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The first concert-events of his tour (which will take him until 2023) are scheduled in Brussels on February 22, Paris on February 24 and Amsterdam on February 27, 2022. The artist will also be one of the headliners of the Paleo Festival. He will perform on Sunday, July 24, 2022.

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