Stromae at the heart of a controversy after his stint on TF1’s newscast, the Web is racing


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Stromae found himself at the heart of a controversy after his stint on TF1’s newscast during which he revealed his new single “Hell”.

Stromae created a surprise on the set of the 8 pm JT of TF1 on January 9, 2022. Came to answer questions from Anne-Claire Coudray, the singer, who had already succeeded in his return to the front of the stage with the single “Health”, made the buzz by performing his brand new track “Hell”, in which he talks about a serious matter. “I have sometimes had thoughts of suicide and I’m not proud of it. Sometimes you think that’s the only way to silence them.” he sang in front of the camera. A totally unexpected song response that has been dubbed “best promo ever”. However, this TV passage was also debated …

In several newspapers like Release, journalists shared their dissatisfaction. “There is no longer any distinction between the space of information, subject to this tenacious old thing called journalistic ethics, and the space of the clip. No more difference between the punctilious ethics, and the unfolding of the spectacle. No more separation between the necessarily distanced gaze, and the imperatives of show business “ can we even read in a post from L’Obs. On the set of Do not touch My TV on C8, Gilles Verdez put a layer back: “It’s a shame what happened. This man, this singer, who is coming back to promote himself, has taken one of the biggest news stories hostage that is watched by millions of people. is a promotional campaign. A marketing operation which is organized by her team. There was nothing sincere and it seemed fake. I do not understand that Anne-Claire Coudray was engaged in this complicity. You want my opinion? I give it to you. For me, it was all wrong! “.

Stromae: Internet users have defended his performance

On Twitter, several Internet users defended the 36-year-old artist: “You can say whatever you want, communication, marketing or whatever. The impact that Stromae had in 3 minutes I would never have in a psychiatrist’s life! Those who have known depression know that it is It’s not easy to talk about it. He decides to do it. Frankly, we take the gift! “, “These words, at this time, I couldn’t tell if it relieves me or puts me so much in front of my feeling that my breath is hitched, but the reality of these words is what I needed to hear. Never disappointed. when I listen to his songs “… Stromae did not react to the controversy.

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