Stroke: why it is useless to prick the finger of the victim with a needle

Each year, 150,000 people suffer a stroke and 30,000 die. Facing a victim, the priority is to react quickly. The earlier the treatment, the less serious the sequelae. So, to save a patient’s life, it is essential to dial 15 as quickly as possible to call the emergency services. It is the only gesture that saves.

However, on Facebook, a publication gives a rather unexpected advice. Indeed, a message ensures that it would be possible to save the life of a stroke victim by pricking the end of the ten fingers with a needle. It would be a technique from chinese medicine. Obviously, this technique does not help in any way and is not confirmed by any scientific study reminds Agence France Presse (source 1).

React quickly, the ONLY gesture that saves

Worse still, it can even represent a danger for the victims. “The pain caused by injuring one of the most sensitive parts of the body could increase the blood pressure of patients and aggravate the stroke”, already warned Professor Dilraj Singh Sokhi, head of the department of neurology at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, interviewed in 2020 by AFP. Without speaking the risk of infection incurred by the patient in the event of the use of a needle that is not sterile.

If a deformed mouth, weakness on one side of the body (arm or leg) or a speech disorder suddenly appears, the only thing to do is to contact the Samu as soon as possible. The establishment of appropriate treatment quickly will save the patient’s life and minimize the appearance of certain sequelae.

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