Strike in National Education in Narbonne: zero pointed to the government

The call to demonstrate by the National Education unions, the Parents’ Federation and high school movements was followed overwhelmingly. Nearly 600 people marched from the Labor Palace to the sub-prefecture.

“It’s an almost historic day, it’s been twenty years that we have not had a call to strike with all the unions in the National Education”, observed this morning Jean-Luc Maury, of the departmental office of the Unified National Union of Directors and Teachers FO.

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Teachers, school heads, staff, inspectors … all were invited to rally in front of the Labor Palace, with the support of the Federation of Parents’ Councils, which called for a white day in schools. They were nearly 600 to join the procession.

The call to strike was overwhelmingly heard.

“Protocols mutate faster than the virus”

The world of education has a satchel full of them and this is not new. “It is a huge fed-up which has manifested itself against the contempt of the Minister of Education for years, and which is now crystallizing around the health crisis …

The reforms, the problem of salaries, resources, the number of posts, the top-down way of managing with contradictory injunctions are fueling all the anger that is being expressed in depth today “, explained Jean-Louis Burgat, co-secretary of the local union FSU.

After a GA at the Labor Palace, it read the joint message of the inter-union and the procession set off. The opportunity to display slogans such as “health protocols mutate faster than the virus” and to sing a few songs for the attention of members of the government.

Not a school without a striker

In the ranks, the unions announced “a massively followed strike, with more than a third of the schools closed, and many colleagues who are in contact, who have Covis or who have to look after their children and were unable to come” .

In Narbonne, “there are 11 closed establishments and not a single school without a striker … we would like to keep the schools open, but with sufficient means. All absent colleagues must be replaced,” added Jean-Luc Maury. He also warned about the next announcement of the school card, with possible job cuts, “while it is already complete chaos in schools!”.

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Senator Sébastien Pla from Aude affirmed his support for the strikers. Among the unions, some are announcing that the movement could be renewed next week.


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