Strike in National Education in Carcassonne: "It is not against the virus that we manifest"

At the call of seven trade unions, 350 people gathered at 11 am, this Thursday, January 13, in front of the DSDEN premises, before leaving to demonstrate in procession. In addition to the exasperation linked to the health protocol and the lack of resources, there is the feeling of not being consulted.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen so many people!” Observing the crowd massing on rue Antoine-Marty, in front of the premises of the Department of National Education Services (DSDEN), the union representatives savor this renewed mobilization.

Of course, one could relativize the scale of an action bringing together 350 demonstrators. But Patrick Borne, for the FSU union, wants to put this figure in context.

“It is only a national education strike, and not all sectors combined, he insists. Previously, our demonstrations generally resulted in small processions … while there, there is another to Narbonne! ” So yes, all things considered, there are people: for the Aude, Patrick Borde puts forward the figure of “75% of strikers in the first degree”, where the movement is the most followed.

A message dictated by a certain presidential statement …
The Independent – BOYER Claude

“This is explained by the fact that in schools, teams are on the front line. There is no school life or management staff, it is to them that the worst difficulties come.”

Faced with health directives from above, the seven unions (FSU, Unsa, FO, CGT, Sud Education, Snalc and FCPE) denounce the behavior of a government which has “abandoned schools by saying to itself that it would pass, and by pretending there was no health crisis “.

Vice-president of the Department for Education, present this January 13 among the demonstrators, Sébastien Gasparini points for his part the method. “What is criticized is also the lack of listening, whether it is teachers, parents or elected officials as a whole, he believes. If the government had taken into account the returns of all these actors in the field, we would not be there! “

The procession took the pedestrian streets.

The procession took the pedestrian streets.
The Independent – BOYER Claude

Sébastien Gasparini also points to insufficient financial support: “A C02 sensor costs 150 euros per unit, the State only pays 50”.

“We will only be provided with surgical masks at the end of the month”, adds Christelle Arator, FO delegate. “Couldn’t we have anticipated? In the meantime, it is the colleagues who pay them out of pocket!” So if the health context remains the primary source of these complications, all chanted in chorus this Thursday morning: “It is not against the virus that we are demonstrating”.


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