Stress-free and calm, 20 minutes a day is enough: How to do spring cleaning?!

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be annoying and stressful in one weekend. It only takes a maximum of 20 minutes a day to complete 1-2 tasks from the list and in a few weeks you are done! The whole household will be like out of the box and you will even start to enjoy it. “I recommend spreading your spring cleaning over several weeks. It will be appreciated especially by those who are very busy or are simply not fans of cleaning. All you have to do is spend 10-20 minutes a day on spring cleaning.” advises Kateřina Brožová, who runs the profile Cleaning for peace on social networks.

Through it, he shares simple and very useful advice and tips regarding cleaning the entire household. “It’s not good to put too much on yourself, it just poisons you. When you see that it is easy, without much effort, and that the cleaning products really work, you will be happy about it and will rush to the next one with gusto.” adds Kateřina based on the positive responses she receives from her followers.

An all-purpose cleaner is the foundation

You only need three ingredients: dilute white vinegar (you can buy it at with water in a ratio of 1:4 (white vinegar: water) and add a few drops of lavender or lemon essential oil. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and that’s it!

A list of things not to forget


• washing machine – drum and compartment for washing powder

• dryer – mainly the condenser and the opening at the bottom

• dishwasher – strainers and interior

• microwave

• glass by the oven •

the inside of the oven

• racks in the oven

• filters in the hood

• hood from the outside

• a refrigerator

• and sort the freezer


• skirting boards

• heating

• the inner part of the windows in the living room and kitchen

• the outer part of the windows in the living room and kitchen

• the inner part of the windows in the bedroom and bathroom •

the outer part of the windows in the bedroom and bathroom

• switches and wipe door handles

• Wipe the lights

• Sweep away cobwebs in corners and on the ceiling

Tip: How to get clean windows without streaks?

1. Mix white vinegar and hot water in a 1:2 ratio in a bucket.

2. Using a sponge and the prepared mixture, wash the glass and wipe off excess water with a spatula.

3. Use a dry microfiber cloth to polish.

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