Street art in Paris: a brand new urban art trail, Batignolles district, in the 17th

By Margot H. Posted Mar 11, 2023 9:41 AM

An artistic, colorful and free stroll: this is what the new street art trail in the Batignolles district, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, promises.

This artistic walk, it is the initiative of the Town Hall of the 17th, with the Art en Ville association in charge, in order to “strengthen the place of art in the arrondissement”, according to the Town Hall of Paris. In total, we count almost dozens of street art frescoes rue Nollet and rue Brochant and at the Batignolles market, each echoing a part of the history of the district in its own way.

Among the artists who have colored the district, we find in particular Morejewhich pays homage to Barbara and Verlaine, two poets from Batignolles, at 5 rue Nollet and 2 rue Brochant, Jeaninne Santoswhich creates urban mini-frescoes in the cracks of the city’s facades (47 rue Nollet) or, nelio and its large fresco with childish and abstract features, 55 rue Nollet. Continuing the walk, from 12 to 16 rue Brochant, it is the work ofSame that we meet, a street artist who puts bandages on the sidewalks and repairs the roads with small ceramic tiles.

Still on rue Brochant, we then go to Batignolles marketOr jaw pays tribute to the atmosphere of this place with a work at the crossroads between abstract art and figurative art. There is also the trademark of Sethwho produces several frescoes, reminiscent of school and municipal libraries in a particularly childish style, worthy of a cartoon or an illustration that could be found in children’s books.

On the rue des Moines side, the street artist Pastel made large organic shapes on several walls, while Ratur and Scararo represented party scenes, drinking from glasses leaning on the counter, in the same tones as Pastel: electric blue, mauve, old pink and bright colors.

So, to make you discover this brand new artistic and poetic route, the Town Hall of the 17th arrondissement offers you guided toursat 3 p.m., one Saturday a month! Completely freethey are for the moment victims of their success (the guided tours of April 1st, May 6th, June 3rd and July 1st are complete), but new dates are to come!

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