Streaming: This iconic horror film is definitely worth staying up for

For fans of slasher movies, this 90s horror trip was a welcome change and breathed new life into the genre.

High school student Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campell, is still grappling with the murder of her mother when new bloody crimes break out in the small American town of Woodsboro. Executed by a hitman in a white mask and black robe who calls and confuses his victims with questions about horror movies beforehand. But apparently the killings are not indiscriminate. They seem to want to harm Sidney and those around her. Along with police officer Dewy, played by David Arquette, and Courtney Cox’ TV reporter Gale Weathers, Sidney searches for answers and tries to find out who’s under the mask. Since the first appearance of the killer, simply known as Ghostface, four sequels have followed and “Scream” has gone down in film and pop culture history. The mask is ubiquitous every Halloween and Sidney Prescott became the next so-called after Laurie Strode from “Halloween”. Scream Queen.

Anyone can be under the Ghostface mask, but if you want to know which horror movie killer you would be, then our following video will help you.

“Scream”: Horror satire that gets under your skin

It all started with a phone call asking what Drew Barrymore’s character Casey Becker’s favorite horror film was. Even those who haven’t seen the “Scream” movies know the phrase “Do you like scary movies?” most likely because he’s one of the most famous quotes become of film history. And precisely because “Scream” used the iconic predecessor films around Michael Meyers from “Halloween” and Jason Vorhees from “Friday the 13th” as a template for its unusual concept, the franchise has become so successful. “Scream” is a kind of satire and at the same time a “High Concept Movie”, which means that he focuses on a very specific idea. In the case of Wes Craven’s horror classic, that’s the “Meta Movie”. The film with Ghostface knows the classic slashers and their unwritten rules and builds them in tongue-in-cheek and visible to both the audience and the characters, it even plays with them and assumes them. This concept in connection with what is actually classic for crime novels “whodunit”principle made the first part of the “Scream” series a cult film in a very short time and at the same time was able to revive the deceased genre of the slasher. Anyone who wants to be convinced by Wes Craven’s cruelly beautiful satire festival again or for the first time can do so do on WOW in the stream.

You can see what your favorite horror characters look like in everyday life in our gallery:

These are facts about “Scream” that hardcore fans should know

Some behind-the-scenes stories of Scream are now as well known as the iconic films. This Behind-the-scenes facts you as fans of the franchise should definitely know:

  1. Director Wes Craven has small roles as an extra in all four “Scream” films he has directed. His cameo appearances include as the janitor in the original film and as a doctor in the sequel Scream 2.
  2. Superstar Drew Barrymore was supposed to be the lead. Instead, the world-renowned actress chose to play one of the early victims, Casey Becker. This should make viewers feel that no character is safe.
  3. The first “Scream” should actually be called “Scary Movie”.
  4. The 42 minute long finale of the original has a tough 21 It took nights to spin. When filming was over, the crew even made t-shirts that said “I SURVIVED SCENE 118.”
  5. The now-iconic mask wasn’t scary enough for producer Bob Weinstein and he wanted to change it.

Which slasher movie would you die in? Our quiz will tell you:

Quiz: Which Horror Slasher Would You Die In?

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