Streaming: Fantasy epic that flopped despite Lord of the Rings help

Peter Jackson’s next fantasy epic? Here you can watch the heart project that the director produced after The Lord of the Rings.

Mortal Engines: War of the Cities

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In 2018, the young-adult fantasy epics that a few years ago had lured crowds of fans to the cinemas were hardly ever to be found on the big screen. Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, wanted the story from the young-adult novel Mortal Engines, in which young Hester Shaw in a distant future seeks revenge against one of the… most powerful men of their time, tell anyway. After a devastating cataclysm that threw the known world back centuries in time, the last humans find themselves on rolling cities, looting and even eating smaller towns. Central to this is London, whose population also includes the highly respected historian Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving) and the apprentice Tom Natsworthy. Valentine seeks to shape the future of London using a technique from the past, Hester wants him dead by past events, and Tom finds himself caught between the lines of friendship, family, megalomania and war.

Do you want to get in the mood for the film? You can do that with the trailer for “Mortal Engines”:

You can watch Mortal Engines here

The lack of resources in the world of “Mortal Engines” leads to devastating wars between the walking cities. But even the strongest civilizations must sooner or later fear for their survival. The film thus raises questions that are becoming increasingly relevant in connection with the climate crisis and a growing world population. Missed the movie on Nitro on November 15th? If you want to accompany Hester in her fight against the most powerful man in this dystopian world, you can rent the fantasy epic on Amazon Prime Video.

Book adaptations are no guarantee of success

In fact, due to time constraints, Peter Jackson did not direct it himself, but left the helm to the relatively unknown Christian Rivers. Jackson only appeared as a producer and that, although “Mortal Engines” was a heart project for him, sort of the next big thing after his last fantasy epic. With the book series of the same name by Philip Reeve, which was particularly successful in Europe and not only served the hitherto little used setting of steampunk, but also expanded it to include the twist of the traveling cities, the basis for a successful film series was more than given. But River’s film was just too out of sync with the times, and that too Marketing failed to properly promote the film. Unfortunately, the project flopped so badly that a sequel was never even considered.

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