Stray Kids reveals setlist for their first concert of 2022

STRAY KIDS is ready for its first live concert in 2022, the K-Pop group will perform in Saudi Arabia at the Riyadh Festival, what songs are on your setlist?

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In many parts of the world it is becoming face-to-face concerts, This is why we were able to have several presentations of our favorite groups from K-Pop with the public they missed so much after having events online for 2 long years.

STRAY KIDS had already prepared its 2022 agenda since the end of 2021 and with various announcements they excited STAY for all the activities that the boy band has planned so that their fans can participate and see them live once again.

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Just a few days ago it was announced that SKZ would have his first face-to-face concert at the Riyadh Festival, a great event that has been prepared in Saudi Arabia; On January 12, the group’s idols left Korea to travel to Riyadh to prepare for their first live performance of 2022.

What songs will STRAY KIDS shine on your first concert presence of 2022? The setlist It’s packed with STAY’s favorite songs that you can’t miss in this great performance by the idol group.

What songs will STRAY KIDS perform at Riyadh Festival 2022?

STRAY KIDS He already had his rehearsal and soundcheck for him Riyadh Festival 2022 that will take place in Saudi Arabia, this is how the setlist of songs that the K-Pop group will present in this face-to-face concert with fans who will come to support the boy band.

These are the songs that SKZ rehearsed and that will be part of almost 1 hour of show that the idol group will have at the festival:

  1. TA
  2. District 9
  3. Victory song
  4. Question
  5. Rock
  6. Double knot
  7. M.I.A.
  8. Domino
  9. Thunderous
  10. The view
  11. Blueprint
  12. My pace
  13. hellevator
  14. God’s menu
  15. Back door
  16. Boxer
  17. Miroh
Póster de STRAY KIDS en Riyadh Festival 2022 | Twitter: @stayvillesnews

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All of STAY’s favorite songs are on this setlist, STRAY KIDS will present all their power on stage at this magnificent event.

When is the STRAY KIDS concert at Riyadh Festival 2022?

Riyadh Festival 2022 will be held next January 14 at 7:30 PM Saudi Arabia time, for now there is no information that the STRAY KIDS concert, but we will surely have photos and videos of the concert shared by STAY later.

STRAY KIDS will have its first face-to-face concert | Twitter: @skzteencats

STAY has everything ready to know how the fans of Saudi Arabia did in this magnificent event where we can enjoy STRAY KIDS.

But while we wait for SKZ’s first live concert, you can read more about the group, such as the special meaning of #LOVESTAY for Hyunjin.

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