Stray Kids reveals more of Christmas Eve with 24 to 25 preview

STRAY KIDS surprised STAY with the announcement of a new Christmas single that fans can’t wait to hear, ‘Christmas EveL’ will give us the best songs for winter, like ’24 to 25 ‘.

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The idols of STRAY KIDS will close the year very well with an incredible christmas single, this will give your fans the perfect soundtrack for your festivities and STAY is very excited about the release of new songs from his boy band favorite.

‘Christmas EveL’ is the title that this single by SKZ, it will contain 4 compositions, 3 tracks with a theme of Christmas and the English version of ‘Domino’, a song that we originally found in Korean on the album ‘NOEASY’ of the idol group; your fandom is more than excited about these new songs.

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STRAY KIDS each time advances a little more than ‘Christmas EveL’ with teasers of their songs and MVs that will have as well as conceptual photographs that let us see the most festive side of the members of this group, the expectation is at the maximum.

Today, SKZ surprises once again with a new preview, this time they show us how the song will sound ’24 to 25′ a new carol special for STAY.

STRAY KIDS spoilea un poco de Christmas EveL con 24 to 25

Through the official channel of JYP Entertainment, agency that leads the career of STRAY KIDS, in YouTube idols premiere a advancement more than Christmas EveL, in this we can hear a bit of their song 24 to 25, which sounds very nice and warm.

It is like a special Christmas carol, which lets us see that they were inspired by STAY to write it, a track that will illuminate the Christmas of the fanbase more than any star on the tree.

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Do you have everything ready to hear the new single by SKZ? Christmas Eve will bring Christmas forward as the November 29th, there are only a few days to listen to it.

STRAY KIDS will have different styles at Christmas EveL

With the previews that STRAY KIDS has released for Christmas Eve, we can see that they did not stick to a single musical genre in their compositions, the single will have different styles around the same theme; while the title track seems to have a great beat, ‘Winter Falls’ feels more of a nostalgic emotion and ’24 to 25′ will seem to be a very warm song.

This raises even more buzz around the group’s upcoming release and STAY can’t wait any longer to hear about new music from their fav group.

The countdown to Christmas EveL has started, so with great excitement it is expected for SKZ to present their new songs.

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