Stray Kids Quiz: Which member of the group would be your best friend?

Who wouldn’t want to have friends like the members of STRAY KIDS? Maybe one of them could be your best friend, find out with this test who it would be.

STRAY KIDS Not only has he captivated his fans with his songs and incredible performances, his personalities and charismas have also been a large part of all those characteristics that they manage to completely conquer. STAY.

And it is not only that we see them work hard on stage with the best of their songs and amazing presentations that let us see the great chemistry between the members of SKZ, also under the stage, in different contents, we can learn more about them.

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Everybody wishes they had friends As the idols of STRAY KIDS, who are very funny, charismatic, cute and also extremely professional, STAY would surely love to be a confidant of one of their favorite artists and know all their secrets.

Have you ever thought who from SKZ could be you best friend? Maybe you would be able to earn the trust of one of these incredible artists, discover with this fun test who member of STRAY KIDS would be your bestie.

Which member of STRAY KIDS would become your best friend?

What is the most important thing to you?

  • A) Study or work
  • B) You yourself
  • C) Have fun
  • D) Be a better person
  • E) Your family
  • F) Your friends
  • G) Your pet
  • H) Learn new things

What kind of friend do you usually be?

  • A) The one who always listens to others
  • B) The one who scolds others if they do something wrong
  • C) The one who always tells funny jokes
  • D) The one who always stands out
  • E) The one who always helps others
  • F) The one with the most novixs
  • G) The one who is always happy
  • H) The one that causes a lot of tenderness

What do you prefer to do in your free time?

  • A) Share time with my family
  • B) Party
  • C) Stay home to watch movies
  • D) Do some physical activity
  • E) Eat a lot
  • F) Cooking
  • G) Go to the park
  • H) sleep
Who from STRAY KIDS would be your best friend? | Twitter: @ EB0YSKZ

How do you define your personality?

  • A) Comprehensive
  • B) Strong
  • C) Funny
  • D) Dedicated
  • E) Nice
  • F) Passionate
  • G) Jovial
  • H) Tender

What do you think is your best feature?

  • A) Your empathy
  • B) Your intelligence
  • C) Your talents
  • D) your body
  • E) Your personality
  • F) Your precious face
  • G) Your energy
  • H) Your curiosity

Which of these places would you like to visit?

  • A) A musical study
  • B) A television studio
  • C) A haunted house
  • D) A dance studio
  • E) A skateboarding park
  • F) A backstage at a concert
  • G) A recording set of a drama
  • H) An amusement park
Who will be your best SKZ friend? | Twitter: @belleamelix

Did you write down your answers? Let’s see the results of the TEST!

Your personality is perfect to gain all the confidence of Bang ChanHe would quickly get on with you very quickly and you could be his best friend, he would also understand you perfectly and both would help each other when they have problems.

Bang Chan would be your STRAY KIDS bestie | Twitter: @specialchannie

Lee Know And you have quite similar personalities, that is why they would manage to get along super well, combining fun with seriousness and a lot of conscience, he would totally trust you for everything and they could have one of the best friendships.

Lee Know would be your best friend | Twitter: @daily_linoring

Thanks to the fact that they share various tastes and some of their personalities, Changbin You and SKZ would be the best friends, without hesitation, they could have many fun adventures and they would understand each other perfectly, as well as supporting each other at all times.

Changbin es tu besti en STRAY KIDS | Twitter: @spearhyunnie2

Many characteristics of your way of being are highly compatible with those of HyunjinThis is why this STRAY KIDS idol would be your best friend, you could accompany him to his practices and give him all your help when he needs it, in addition to having great ideas that would be coupled with his.

Hyunjin and you, besties forever | Twitter: @ 1025LIN0

They have has a lot in common with you, that would first get his attention, then he would realize that they have more similar things, like his personality, so you would become his best friend, he would tell you all his secrets and you could give him ideas for new things that he could try on life and its songs.

Your best SKZ friend would be Han | Twitter: @ strk1dz

There is something about you that would be very cool to Felix, so they would quickly build a beautiful friendship that would last for years, you would be a confidant of this idol who would not hesitate to consult you every time he wants advice, you could also cheer him up when he is sad.

Felix from STRAY KIDS would be your best friend | Twitter: @ 2minxh

You share many related things with Seungmin and this would make them best friends, he would totally trust you at all times and would give you a lot of his time and moments, because you are his bestie and he would have only the best for you and his friendship.

Seungmin would be your bestie | Twitter: @seungie_mong

You and the STRAY KIDS maknae would be the best of friends, you have a lot to share with Jeongin and surely they would build a beautiful friendship very quickly when they realized that they have so much in common, surely something would come out of spoiling you about the band but it would thrill you with their exclusive previews for you.

IN would be your besti from SKZ | Twitter: @thinkminjeong

We hope your STRAY KIDS bias didn’t turn out to be your best friend or you would be in the friendzone, lol, but it would be great to have a friendship with these talented idols.

There is more test de STRAY KIDS What you can do, this will help you know who from 3RACHA would fall in love with you, will you conquer his heart?

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