Stray Kids’ Lee Know Shows His Kindness Through A Hobby

As we learn more about the personalities of the members of Stray Kids, new traits of their charisma come to the fore and that is exactly what happened with Lee Know.

In this group there are several members interested in cooking, so sometimes we see them preparing desserts or cooking some dishes, sometimes STAY witnesses the whole process but even when that doesn’t happen, the guys from Stray Kids share this hobby with stories and conversations with fans.

Felix For example, he has become known for his famous chocolate brownies, but in reality he is not the only one interested in the kitchen Y Lee Know he also considers it a very special hobby.

Although cooking allows these kids to develop this skill through practice and enjoy many delicacies, Lee Know finds another very special quality in this activity, can you imagine what it is?

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Lee Know explains why he loves to cook

The singer from K-Pop Originally from Gimpo in South Korea, he has said that he particularly likes to bake, enjoy this hobby while doing it, but the best part for him comes later.

Lee Know and Felix at Stray Kids Season’s Greetings. | Source: Instagram @straykids__leeknow

Lee Know said that the best of all is that after preparing something delicious, you can share it with the other members of Stray Kids, showing that you enjoy the union and also give others a good time with what you do. AWW!

Stray Kids sparks STAY’s interest in cooking

Since several members of the group of JYP Entertainment They share cooking episodes or even recipes and tips with their followers, it is impossible not to begin to see this hobby as something attractive and really entertaining.

That is why fans have even suggested that they do that type of content more frequently or simply that they share that type of curiosity through social networks.

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