Stray Kids can’t stand to see Felix in a romantic mood in Your Eyes

Stray Kids’ romantic Japanese melody won over STAY, but although the group members’ performance touched fans by showing them in a very romantic way, idols can’t stand to see Felix’s scene.

Have you followed all the new releases of the K-Pop group? stray kids He recently returned with a Japanese comeback that thrilled his fans, as the idols presented new songs with different styles in which they once again showed their great talent and musical creativity.

Among the songs that Stray Kids released recently we find your eyesa soft melody with a romantic vibe that also has its own music video.

All of the group members acted lovingly and very sweetly throughout the clip, but the group members can’t stand to watch the part where Felix takes over the screen, what is the reason?

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Stray Kids Have Hilarious Reactions To Felix’s Performance In Your Eyes MV

Throughout the clip we see the idols of k pop so that it seems that the camera is the point of view of a person next to them, Stray Kids showed their most romantic side by giving sweet glances, making cute gestures, and having a good time with their ‘chaperone’.

However, when Felix’s scene appears, the idol pretends to come over to take a look. kiss and that movement causes the funniest reactions from her groupmates, because nobody seems to want to see her and they even scream when she appears on the screen. oops!

Stray Kids react to Felix in Your Eyes. | Source: Twitter @spearhyunnie

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Felix made STAY’s heart race with his sweet performance.

Although it seems that the members of Stray Kids are not happy to see that part of the MV, the moment mainly focuses on teasing Felix for his sweet performance, but contrary to this reaction, fans loved that and all parts of the MV.

Here you can see the full video of your Eyes:

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