Stray Kids: Bang Chan ate spicy ramen and became a meme

Bang Chan is one of the members of Stray Kids who always seeks to have more contact with his fans and the idol constantly broadcasts live where he lives with Stay. However, in one of these V Live he wanted to eat a very spicy ramen and the idol’s expressions made his fans laugh, to the point of creating new memes of it.

bang chan from Stray Kids gave fans images very funny of him trying to eat spicy ramen. What caused the fans not long to do memes for the funny reactions of his idol. Why was she eating spicy ramen?

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan ready to eat spicy ramen. // Source: Twitter @skzsound

Fans never miss an opportunity to create memes of their favorite artists, especially when they find themselves in funny situations and their expressions are so memorable that they need to be immortalized in memes, but where did the meme of bang chan eating ramen?

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Bang Chan eating super spicy ramen created a lot of memes

During the weekly broadcast of Chan’s Room. bang chan from Stray Kids decided to challenge his low tolerance for spicy food and prove to STAY that he could eat two super spicy noodle soups. However, she never imagined that the suffering of him eating spicy food would make his fans laugh so much.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan suffering while eating spicy ramen. // Source: Twitter @skzxfeliix

Each of the expressions while Bang Chan ate super spicy ramen They were so iconic that fans couldn’t stop replicating them online. Not only because of the way she showed how pissed off she was, but also because of some scenes where she seemed to be terrified of ramen and clearly regret his decision.

Bang Chan trying to laugh completely pissed off. // Source: Twitter @stayevil__

Even some fans compared the reactions of bang chan with the stages of grief that people go through, from denial, anger, negotiation, depression and a final acceptance. All in the minutes that the transmission lasted.

Grieving stages with Bang Chan eating ramen. // Source: Twitter @galaxy_tanies

Finally, a fan could not help but imagine what the reaction of bang chan after finishing the live broadcast with his fans, of total regret for all the spicy food he ate.

STAY meme created by Bang Chan eating ramen. // Source: Twitter @jkxoknow

In other news, Stray Kids will be holding a special concert in Seoul, which promises to be full of surprises. Did you hear?

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