"Stray animals" closed its first week with a zero rating and generates concern in the channel

Rating” target=”_blank”>rating problems in the prime time schedule they generate a lot of concern in the air channels since it is usually their workhorse. This week, the return of Alexander Fantinus with your cycle Rating-How-did-Alejandro-Fantino-go-on-his-return-with-Loose-Animals-20220510-0020.html” target=”_blank”>“Loose Animals”, and in its debut the figures were not up to par.

In its classic format, Fantino resumed his debates with the journalists Javier Calvo, Miguel Wiñazky, Carlos Burgueño, Diana Deglauy, Julieta Tarrésthe political analyst Enrique Zuleta Puceiro and the lawyer Mariano Cuneo Libarona.

Alejandro Fantino left “Intratables” and concentrates on “Loose Animals”.

It is worth remembering that in April, the driver said goodbye to “Intratables” after passing through the cycle that had him as the fourth driver after leaving Santiago Del Moro.

In its first program, “Loose Animals” started at 11:30 p.m. with 1.5 points and rose to 2.2 rating points. On average, the debut was 1.8 points, numbers that for a night shift on the American screen, satisfied the producers.

But to close the week, on Friday, May 13, the average of Fatino’s program dropped to 1.0 rating point, according to measurements reported by Kantar Ibope Media. The peak was in the interview with the Minister of Social Development, John Zabaletawith 1.7 points, but the closing measured less than one rating point, with only 0.8 points.

The low rating begins to generate concern for the authorities of the America channel because they need a daily program in its time slot to at least approach the 2 average rating points. Surely, the directors will give Alejandro and his team more time, but if the numbers are not increased, there will be changes soon.

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