"StrangerThings": Millie Bobby Brown reveals new details

“Stranger Things”
Millie Bobby Brown reveals new details

Millie Bobby Brown stars in ‘Stranger Things’ as Eleven.

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What will be the content of the new episodes of “Stranger Things”? Millie Bobby Brown has now revealed a few details about the fourth season.

Millie Bobby Brown (18) has revealed new details about the upcoming fourth season of the Netflix hit “Stranger Things”. At a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” (47) the British actress explained: “The main part and the slogan of this story is that it is the beginning of the end.”

The new episodes would primarily revolve around Elf, played by Brown, and her beginnings. It’s about “how she became what she is with the people around her,” such as an independent woman with free will. The plot of the new season “really goes into that,” emphasizes Brown. The viewers would also get “a lot of answers”, but also “cry a lot and laugh a lot”.

Have fun on the set

The Brit also makes it clear that there was a lot of fun on the set with her co-stars. She and the crew pranked her friend Noah Schnapp (17), who also has an important role in “Stranger Things”, with depth charges. “Every one of us, more than 20 people, ambushed him,” Brown said. The water bomb attack lasted about 15 minutes.

countdown has started

The first part of the new episodes of “Stranger Things” will be available on Netflix from May 27th. The second part will follow on July 1st. It is now known that the series will have a final fifth season.


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