Stranger Things: Vecna’s Secret Revealed in Season 2

The first part of the fourth season of Stranger Things is available on Netflix, and the villain Vecna ​​had her secret revealed in the second season.

Vecna’s secret was revealed by Max, showing what her weakness is. The character controls the Upside Down, and in the current season, her powers make her the teens’ worst adversary in the entire series.

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However, the characters eventually found a weakness, which allows victims to temporarily escape their curse.

After learning that Victor Creel escaped death in 1959, Robin and Nancy deduce that playing the victim’s favorite song will make him escape. In addition, happy memories are also a factor to help separate from Vecna’s reach.

But even before that, Will Byers in season two was saved by Max, who hinted that the power of music could save someone from death. Byers was possessed by the Mind Flayer, and his consciousness was brought back after the group began telling happy stories from their lives and playing their favorite music.

Music and joyful moments have always been the way that the Upside Down’s victims could fight the creatures’ control and be kept in Hawkins. To that end, Eddie has a plan in place in an attempt to finish off Vecna ​​in footage from volume two of season four.

Stranger Things 4 is not over yet

After three years of waiting, Netflix finally released the fourth season of Stranger Things in its catalog, but the novelty was divided into two parts, called volumes by streaming.

So, in addition to the seven episodes already released, another two will arrive on Netflix on July 1st, ending this season and officially marking the beginning of the end of the series, as the next season of Stranger Things, the fifth, will also be the last of the program.

But in the meantime, remember the synopsis of Stranger Things 4:

“It has been six months since the Battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. After the confrontation, our group of friends is separated for the first time, and having to deal with the complexities of high school makes it even more difficult. In this moment of fragility, a new supernatural threat emerges and brings a mystery that, if solved, could end the terrible Upside Down once and for all.”

Stranger Things 4, volume two, comes to Netflix on July 1st.

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