Stranger Things: They attacked Natalia Dyer and the fans defended her


The actress who plays Nancy Wheeler on the Duffer Brothers show was a victim of cyberbullying. Half a million accounts came out in her defense.

Natalia Dyer is 27 years old.
© IMDbNatalia Dyer is 27 years old.

In the age of the internet and social media, no one is safe from cyberbullying. Not even being part of one of the most important series today, due to cultural impact such as stranger thingsis enough so that the figures of Hollywood be left alone. The last to suffer the consequences of the show’s massive reach was Natalia Dyerwhich appeared in a post by TikTok of one “specialist” in beauty who decided to evaluate her genetic make-up and give her advice on what she needed to do to look prettier.

We are talking about an account TikTok commanded by a plastic surgeon named Miranda Wilson (@np.miranda) who made a video that was replicated on Twitter and it went completely viral. @probablypersian decided to reupload the video on his account Twitter to defend the actress stranger things with a text that made it very clear that he did not agree with what they were saying to Natalia Dyer. “I could never be a celebrity because if someone made a video like that about me I would get violent”wrote.

about 465 thousand likes and almost 60 thousand retweets were those who supported the user of Twitter with your post. It is that, the plastic surgeon made a detailed video where she talked about everything she could do to the face of Natalia Dyer to bring her closer to her canon of beauty. Thus, mention was made of the botox injection in areas such as the mouth and cheeks, as well as some touch-ups on the face.

After seeing the negative impact his video had and all the criticism received, Miranda Wilson decided to upload another video on his account TikTok where he apologized for the way his original post had been interpreted. “I hope I can clarify that I was not suggesting that Natalie You WILL NEED none of this work, it was just an example. Of course Natalie it’s totally shocking the way it is… That’s why it’s so successful. Her photo was simply an example. I’m sorry people took this as mean or rude. It wasn’t my intention at all.”he asserted.

+He regretted attacking the Stranger Things actress

It is clear that Miranda Wilson he learned his lesson and that he knows that he should never speak of anyone in that way again, especially when no one asked him any kind of question. The impact it had on his personal account was such that since it became totally viral, she decided to remove the publication from her account to avoid further repercussions. Anyway, we know how the internet works and things that are uploaded rarely go away. His original post became material for thousands of users who decided to make duet with his video to continue the wave of criticism of his position.

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