“Stranger Things”: Steve Harrington, the character who should have died a long time ago

“Stranger Things” is one of the top Netflix seriesmarking tuning records and getting to be part of the productions that have come to be included in the games section of the streaming platform.

And it is that the adventures of Will, Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas and Nancy have caught the lovers of the mystery and paranormalextending the series to its four seasons, the last being one that has been divided into two parts.

However, in the last installment something bad could happen to a recurring character from seasons 1 and 2 from the brothers series Matt and Ross Duffer.

In the series, Steve Harrington is called “The nanny of the group” (Photo: Joe Keery / Instagram)


It is very common that the characters that are initially introduced as secondary end up being so popular that the developers themselves are almost forced to give it further development or even a spin-off series.

stranger things” is no exception, since there are several characters who, after being shown as support, end up stealing the limelight, such as Erica SinclairLucas’s energetic and fun sister, or Steve HaringtonNancy’s platonic love.

As the seasons went by, Harrington (Joe Keery) became comic relief thanks to his curious fights with Dustin (Gatten Matarazzo), starring in memorable scenes.

However, when a supporting character is fleshed out a bit more, it also increases the chance that they will be eliminated, and this is what could have happened with Steve.

In accordance with creators Matt and Ross DufferSteve was going to die in the first season while fighting the demogorgon, because it was going to be absorbed by it. Fortunately, the intervention of Joe Keery managed to save the character.

When he comes back and fights the Demogorgon, he was supposed to be Jonathan’s father… [En ese momento] You are discovering what works and what does not work. The cast impacts where you drive the narrative, the other writers and directors… It’s a living thing”, They indicated in the Geeked Week of Netflix.


Although once Steve saved from death, it would not take long for this character to be eliminated from history, or that is what many fans fear, because after in the first part of the last installment the character played by Joe Keery were attacked and infected by bats in the Upside Down World, he would become a threat.

To the revelation of having almost killed him in the first part, it is added that the producers themselves have anticipated possible deaths in the second installment.

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