‘Stranger Things’ star comes out as gay

He plays a young boy who has not yet come out as gay in the hit series ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix.

But the 18-year-old Noah Schnapp, who is behind the character, has started 2023 with a revelation of the greats.

In a video on TikTok the young actor reveals that he is gay.

“When I finally told my friends and family that I’m gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years, all they said was ‘we knew that,'” he writes in the text of the video and in the description below it reads :

“It seems I have more in common with Will (his character in the series, ed.) than I thought.”

Throughout four seasons of ‘Stranger Things’, Noah Schnapp has played the character Will Beyers, who has been exposed to a little bit of everything. He was abducted to a gloomy underworld and also possessed by a demonic monster.

But over the past season, the challenge has been a bit different. The character has had to deal with the secret love for his best friend Mike.

“It’s always been there, but you never quite knew if it was just him growing up slower than his friends. Now that he’s older, it’s become obvious. It is now 100 percent clear that he is gay and that he loves Mike,’ he told the media Variety in July.

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