Stranger Things season 4: Millie Bobby Brown responds to this theory on Eleven

Episode 7 of season 4 of “Stranger Things” offered its share of surprises, in particular in a sequence with Eleven, which opened the door to a very popular theory. His interpreter, Millie Bobby Brown, recently answered it. WARNING ! THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Stranger Things season 4: the end is approaching

Stranger Things, Netflix’s star series, is approaching its grand finale. While season 4 smashes all records, and the last two episodes will be broadcast on July, 1st, season 5 will be the last. With the arrival of the big bad Vecna, the Upside Down begins to reveal its first secrets. And the theories are going well.

STRANGER THINGS. Vecna ​​in STRANGER THINGS. cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

We indeed discover that Vecna ​​is none other than 001, a young man with supernatural powers, which Doctor Brenner collected in order to do scientific experiments, and to pass on his powers to other children. Including Eleven (011). But in episode 7 of season 4 of Stranger Things, we learn that 001 killed the other guinea pigs in the laboratory. And that it was Eleven, thanks to her powers, who managed to stop him by sending him to The Upside Down. Where it became Vecna.

Did Eleven create The Upside Down? Millie Bobby Brown responds

By unveiling this sequence, Netflix has sown confusion in the minds of spectators: did Eleven create The Upside Down? A theory so popular that Millie Bobby Brown, the interpreter of Eleven, wanted to give her opinion:

I do not think so, no. I believe this alternate universe has always existed under Hawkins. She only has access to it, but I don’t think she created it. I think she opened an access portal, which no one had managed to do

said the actress in an interview given to variety.

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) in Stranger Things season 4
Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) in Stranger Things season 4 © Netflix

The last two episodes of season 4 will be available on Netflix July 1. The group of teens will have to face Vecna, and the battle could be bloody if the trailer is to be believed.

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